Mork and Mindy fandom, we all should just admit that our all time favorite scene is when they’re reunited at the end of Mork in Wonderland because it’s true.

It’s a wonderful scene because it’s very raw and real - Williams and Dawber seem to both be legitimately crying their eyes out.  The sheer joy of the reunion radiates from both of them.  How did they do that?

Has anyone ever written a fic about what Mindy was doing those three days that Mork was gone? Because she obviously went through some pretty awful stuff - had decided Mork was dead and was wearing mourning and packing his things up when he came back.  So at some point in those three days - probably at like, 1 a.m. on the third day - she gave up hope that he was still living. How sad! No wonder she was crying with happiness when he returned!

I can answer the bit about why they were crying: Because everyone knows those two were somehow connected in one way or another. They could somehow look at one another and talk without having to speak. There’s a reason that scene was filmed in only one take because they just couldn’t bear the thought of them having to lose one another.

And oh yeah. Mindy was doing that hardcore mourning.


Funerals force a man to ponder his legacy. And what’s mine, really? I’m good at selling crap. Wow, stop the presses.






mother. friggin’. space. man.

I just had a spacegasm

mind = 🔫

We are definitely not alone.

A bit of Friday morning perspective with my coffee.

 Mary Poppins (1964)


Image is Powerful: Cameron Russell at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

This was like the best ted talk i’ve ever seem